Friday, April 28, 2006

Vandals smashed the roof restored as a result of the Betjeman appeal thirty years ago

Around 21st April the Jefferies Museum was subjected to another attack at the hands of those who have nothing better to do than to destroy. Tiles and slates were broken on the roof of the old pig-sty and slated barn that had been so carefully sourced for the restoration work in the 1970s. Three windows were broken in the old cottage whilst the Museum sign was ripped off the main wall. The police sent a crime scene officer to investigate, took DNA samples and appealed for witnesses to come forward through the local media.

Here is how the story was reported in the
  • Swindon Advertiser

    Richard Jefferies Society said...

    Vandals struck again over the May Day Bank Holiday. The little arched blue door, through the main garden wall, was kicked in. The wooden door frame will need to be rebuilt before the door can be rehung.

    Patrick said...

    Adjectives fail me.

    A vivid and obvious example why responsibilty for the Museum and grounds should be taken out of the hands of the SBC ...