The Richard Jefferies Society has accumulated the text of many talks and articles. The majority have been scanned but not necessarily corrected. Some can be downloaded from this page.


Articles highlighted in green are not available electronically yet. Contact the Society to see if arrangements can be made to make the article available, subject to copyright.

 1.       “The Amateur Poacher - Talk given by Mrs. F. J. Gay (April 1st 1974)

 2.       “Thomas Hardy and Richard Jefferies - Text of talk given by Mrs. A. M. Ward (March 5th 1973)

3.       Bevis.  The Story of a Boy - Mr. Mark Daniel (February 3rd 1975) (with map of Bevis’s homelands)

4.       Observers of the Uffington White Horse and Wayland’s Smithy”. Mr. J. E. Little (April 7th 1975)

5.       Edward Thomas, Richard Jefferies and Wiltshire - Prof W. J. Keith, Ph.D., M.A. (June 7th 1976)

6.       Richard Jefferies A Popular Introduction to his Life and Writings”. - Talk given to Swindon Branch of the W.E.A. by Mr. Cyril F. Wright (July 19th 1975).

7.       The Windhover and Richard Jefferies.” - Prof. J. R. Ebbatson from ‘English’ (1974)

8.       Hardy and Richard Jefferies”.  Prof. J. R. Ebbatson from ‘The Hardy Society Review’ (1976) with acknowledgements to the Thomas Hardy Society.

9.       Reminiscences of Richard Jefferies”. - Audrey Horsell from The Countryman April 1936 with acknowledgements.

10.     Country Author - Richard Jefferies. by Gabriel Seal from The Countryman, Winter 1956 with acknowledgements.

11.     Richard Jefferies - Humanist Mystic”. by Mr. R. J. Lumsden from New Humanist January 1974 (with portrait).

12.     Thoughts on the Labour Question”. Graeme Woolaston from ‘Notes and Queries’ March 1975.  A piece of original research to prove the early dating of Jefferies’ article.

13.     Return to Jefferies’ Country by Mark Daniel (Illus.).   From Country Life (Dec. 12th 1974), with acknowledgements.

14.     “In the Footprints of Richard Jefferies by (Philip) Edward Thomas, from ‘The New Era’ (April 2nd 1896).  Believed to be Thomas’s earliest published article.  With new introduction by Dr. Keith.

15.     “Humanity and Natural History by Richard Jefferies from ‘Knowledge’ (January 5th 1883)

16.     The Artist as Reformer”.  Notes by Mrs. Nora Wright of the Birthday Lecture given by Mr. R. J. L. Anderson on November 1st 1976 and reproduced with his approval.

17.     Nature’s Philosopher”. by Paul Humphreys from The Lady November 25th 1976 by courtesy of the Publishers.

18.     Richard Jefferies and Sussex”. by Mr. A. H. Anderson from Sussex County Magazine, Vol. XI No. 8 1937.

19.     Richard Jefferies”. by Edward Thomas, from the 12-part magazine ‘The Book of the Open Air’. Edited by Edward Thomas.

20.     “Over Marlboro”, by Wilfrid Ewart (1892-1922) from ‘Aspects of England’ (Published 1937)

21.     “Visions of Wild England - William Morris and Richard Jefferies”. by Prof. J. R. Ebbatson.  Reproduced from the ‘Journal of the William Morris Society’, Spring 1977 with acknowledgements.

22.     Richard Jefferies in Surrey”. by Cyril Wright.  A Talk given to the Society on December 5th 1977.

23.     Edward and Helen Thomas - Our Parents”. by Myfanwy Thomas - a talk given to the Society on April 4th 1977.

24.     “A Tribute to Henry Williamson - 1895-1977”. - President of the Richard Jefferies Society (1965-1975), by Prof. W. J. Keith, Peter Robins, Edna Manning, and Brian Fullagar.  With an extract from the Obituary Notice in The Times.  Cover design and introduction by Brian Fullagar.

25.     “The Nature Mysticism of Richard Jefferies”. - Text of a sermon given by the Rev. Henry Hall on Oct 12th 1958.  The Rev. Hall was a member of the Society up to his death in January 1975 at the age of 88.  These notes were supplied by his widow.

26.     “A Labour of Love”, by P. J. Kavanaugh.  Text of BBC Broadcast Talk given by the Author on Radio 3/4 on Tues. May 9th 1978 (Abridged version of lecture given to the RJ Society in the Wyvern Theatre Arts Centre, Swindon on Monday Nov. 7th 1977) Reproduced with acknowledgements to the Author and to the BBC.

27.     The Unconscious Teaching of the Country; A Re-reading of Bevis The Story of a Boy”. by Graham Stoate M.A. reproduced from ‘Childrens Literature in Education’ Vol. 8 No. 1 1977 with the consent of the Author, and with acknowledgements to APS Publications Inc., New York.   With three of the original E.H.Shepard illustrations.

28.     Richard Jefferies in Crowborough”. by Mr. W. R. Salkeld. Reproduced from the ‘Journal of the Crowborough Field Society* No. 1 Oct 1973.  By permission of the Author and the Crowborough Field Society.

 29.     Wild Life in a Southern County”.  The Birthday Lecture by Dr. Desmond Hawkins O.B.E. given on Monday November 6th 1978 in the Joliffe Studio, Wyvern Theatre, Swindon.

30.     The Marabar Echo, Forster and Jefferies”. by J. R. Ebbatson M.A., reproduced from ‘Notes and Queries’. August 1978 by permission of the Author, and with acknowledgements to the Publishers.

31.     The Forbears of Richard Jefferies”. by ‘Jefferies Luckett’ (Fanny Catherine Hall) from Country Life March 14th 1908.

32.     Lives and Works of Richard Jefferies”. by Q. D. Leavis from Scrutiny March 1938.

33.     The Betterment of Hodge”, by Cyril F. Wright.  Talk given to the Richard Jefferies Society Feb. 4th 1980 to mark the centenary of Hodge and his Masters.

34.     A Source for Lawrence’s ‘Snake’“. by J. R. Ebbatson, in which he points to a derivative from ‘The Story of my Heart’.  Reproduced by permission of the Author, and by courtesy of The D. H. Lawrence Society from ‘The D. H. Lawrence Society Journal’, Vol. No. 1 issue No. 3 1978.

35.     The Rise of Maximin”.  A talk by John Pearson, Editor of ‘Landscape and Labour’ to the Richard Jefferies Society in the Wyvern Arts Centre, Swindon, on the 14th April 1980.

36.     Richard Jefferies: Religious or a Non-Religious by C. Bintcliffe Mr. Bintcliffe, a member of the Society being unable to accept an invitation to give a Talk, offered in its place, this article.

37.     The Novels of Richard Jefferies”. by J. W. Blench, Cambridge Journal Vol.VII March 1954, Reproduced by permission of the author Dr. J. W. Blench.

38.     The Archaeological Contribution of Richard Jefferies”. by Mr. L. V. Grinsell from ‘The Transactions of the Newbury and District Field Club’ Vol. VIII 1940.  The Country of Richard Jefferies from The Spread Eagle,  Vol 15, 1940 by L. V. Grinsell.  ‘Notes on an undescribed Stone Circle at Coate near Swindon’ by A. D. Passmore from ‘Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine’ No. 27 1893.

39.     “Samuel J.  Looker, Writer,  Journalist,  Editor,  Councillor, Authority on Richard Jefferies A Tribute” by various contributors including, Cyril Wright, Donald Berwick, Prof. W. J, Keith, Crichton Porteous, Edna Manning, Robert Wright etc. together with photographs loaned by Miss J. Looker.

40.     J. W. North, his associations with Richard Jefferies and his family by Mrs. Berta Lawrence, author of ‘A Somerset Journal’ ‘Discovering the Quantocks’ etc.   This article was written specially for the Richard Jefferies Society, and is published in this series with her permission.

41.     Report on the Richard Jefferies Centenary”. by Henry Williamson from ‘The Adelphi’ Oct/Dec 1948.  Based on the author’s participation in the celebrations at Swindon.

42.     Jessie Jefferies - Lest We Forget”. by Peter K. Robins and Cyril F Wright.  A tribute, to the wife of Richard Jefferies, using historical material, references and local research.

43.     The Dawn and Richard Jefferies”.  Lecture given to the Richard Jefferies Society at Swindon on Monday March 2nd 1981.  By Andrew Rossabi, writer and critic.  By permission.

44.     An Island in Sunshine”. by Florence E. Pettit reproduced with her permission from ‘The Lady’ of Sept. 18th 1969.  With photographs by the late Mr. Edward Reeves of Lewes.  An evocative and nostalgic article, sharing Jefferies’ delight in the beauty of Wolstonbury Hill near Brighton.

 45.     Richard Jefferies”.   by George E. Dartnell with 18pp bibliography.  Published in ‘Wilts Arch, and Nat, History Magazine’ No. XXVII June 1898.

46.     Summer in Somerset”. by Richard Jefferies, with nine drawings by his friend J. W. North.  From ‘ New English Illustrated Magazine’ (1887/8).  Reprinted later in ‘Field and Hedgerow’ 1889 without illustrations.  This paper makes an interesting supplement to Mrs. Berta Lawrence’s article on J. W. North and the Jefferies family (Index No. 40)

 47.     “Richard Jefferies, Man of the Fields” Looker/Porteous 1965 Notes and Corrections For the Guidance of Readers and Students With brief notes on the six contributors: Prof W. J. Keith: Mr. Cyril Wright: Prof. Alain Delattre: Dr. John Pearson: Mr. George Miller: Mr. Hugoe Matthews.

48.     “Richard Jefferies and Edward Thomas - A Spring, An Inscription and a Secret - A Talk given to the Richard Jefferies Society in Swindon on Feb 6th 1984 by Kim Taplin, Poet, Critic and Author of ‘The English Path’

49.     Richard Jefferies” . An essay from the late Dr John A. T. Robinson’s book ‘The Roots of a Radical (SCM Press Ltd 1980 £3.50 Paperback). With acknowledgements to SCM Press and to the Trustees of the late Dr John Robinson.

50.     Introducing John Burroughs 1837-1921”.  A paper read to the Richard Jefferies Society in Swindon by Mrs. Phyllis Treitel M.A.(Oxen) on Dec 3rd 1984. Copyright-Phyllis Treitel, who has given permission for this reproduction.   John Burroughs was an American writer and nature-lover and a contemporary of Jefferies.  Included with the talk are copies of the readings given by Kim Taplin from Burroughs’ writings.

51.     “The Life of the Fields”, by Robert Albright M.A. (Oxen). A talk given to the Richard Jefferies Society in Swindon on Feb 4th 1985. Jefferies’ book of this title was published in 1884.  Text of this talk is reproduced by permission.

52.     Saint Guido by Richard Jefferies, with vignettes and decorative borders on each of the 12 pages by the artist Alfred Parsons. From their first printing in ‘The English Illustrated Magazine’. Dec. 1884.  The essay later appeared in ‘The Open Air’ 1885.

53.     Walks in the Wheatfields”. by Richard Jefferies (Part 1) with five drawings by F, Macnab l0pp From their first printing in ‘The English Illustrated Magazine’ July 1887.  The first and second parts of this essay were later published in Field and Hedgerow (1889)

54.     Collecting Country Writers: 1 - Richard Jefferies and Alfred Williams” By John Musty, from Antiquarian and Book Monthly Review, June 1984. Reproduced by permission of the author (copyright)

55.     “An English Deer Park” by Richard Jefferies.  As first published in The Century Magazine (USA) Vol. XXXVI No. 6 Oct. 1888.  With nine illustrations.   This essay later appeared in ‘Field and Hedgerow’ 1889.

56.     “Richard Jefferies and the Browns of Coate” by J. A. Brown, East Bridgeford, Nottingham. Paper outlining the author’s descent from the Coate family, of whom Job and John, who feature in Jefferies’ writings, were members. Photographs and maps. (Copyright of the Author)

57(A) “The Influence of Richard Jefferies upon Henry Williamson” Part 1 by Dr. J. W. Blench. From the Durham University Journal Volume LXXIX No. 1 December 1986.

57(B) “The Influence of Richard Jefferies upon Henry Williamson” Part 2 by Dr. J. W. Blench. From the Durham University Journal Volume LXXIX No. 2 June 1987.

58.     Shanklin Villa and its People Cyril Wright and others.  Shanklin Villa at Sydenham, in south-east London was the home of Jefferies’ aunt and uncle, Ellen and Thomas Harrild.  He spent much of his early childhood with them.  This is an account of the association of the house with the Harrild, Gyde, Jefferies, Billing and Baxter families.

59.     Richard Jefferies’ Mysticism by Edna Manning.   Reproduced by permission from Here and Now, Vol. 13 No. 93 February 1952

60.     The Study of Jefferies: Present Achievements, Future Challengesby Prof. W. J. Keith.  Presented at the Commemorative Weekend in the Art Centre, Swindon from the Centenary of the death of Richard Jefferies, July 31st 1987.

61.     “‘Wood Notes Wild’ Trees and Woods in Jefferies’ Imagination by Kim Taplin.  Presented at the Commemorative Weekend in the Art Centre, Swindon on August 1st 1987, for the Centenary of the death of Richard Jefferies.

62.     John Richard Jefferies - His Worst and his Best”. Prof. Alain Delattre’s talk at the Commemorative Weekend in Swindon. August 2nd 1987.  Reproduced by permission.

63.     “Richard Jefferies and Buddhist Ideas”.  Sugaki Arimoto, Emeritus Education, Japan.  Reproduced in pamphlet form with the author’s permission, and with acknowledgements to the Editors.

64.     “The Man with a word for Nature’s Glories”.  Reprod. from “Evening Advertiser”, Swindon Sept. 15th 1976.  Illus.  A plea for better local recognition of Richard Jefferies.   “The Man with an eye for Sussex”.  West Sussex Gazette Jan 9th 1986 about Jefferies’ days at Brighton, and on the Sussex Downs.  Both by Mark Daniel, with his permission.

65.     THE JEFFERIES FAMILY TREE  in four A3 sheets, numbered for assembling.  Compiled by Cyril Wright, with acknowledgements to Prof. A. Delattre and others.

66.     “The Later Novels of Richard Jefferies”. Text, with quotations, of the Talk given to the Society by Colin Blundell in Swindon on February 6th 1989, under the title of “Richard Jefferies -Novelist?”

67.     Richard Jefferies and the English Countryside”.  Article by Philip Drew, reproduced from “Victorian Studies”, Dec. 1967. Recommended by Andrew Rossabi.

68.     “Richard Jefferies” - An Introduction to his Life and Work” by Andrew Rossabi; being the text of a Lecture given to The Birmingham and Midland Institute (The Vinrace Lecture) on Oct 31st 1988; and to the Wilts. Archaeological and Natural History Society on June 29th 1989.

69.     “The Story of my Heart: A Theological Reflection and Critique”. by Graham Gould, M.A., Ph.D.  A Paper read to the december 1988 meeting of The Richard Jefferies Society.

70.     “Richard Jefferies and Alfred Williams”. - Similarities and differences by Alan Johnston - A paper read to the February 1992 Joint Meeting of R. J. Society and Friends of Alfred Williams.

71.     Richard Jefferies: an article by Frederick Greenwood, Editor of Pall Mall Gazette, published in The Scots Observer August 2nd 1890.

72.     The 1992 Birthday Lecture : Surbiton and RJ, given to the Richard Jefferies Society by the President, Andrew Rossabi, on Saturday October 3rd 1992.

73.     Monograph by Professor Alain Dellatre on the French translation of ‘After London’ by Evelyrie Chatelain (1993)

74.     A report by London Ecology Unit on the Surbiton Richard Jefferies Bird Sanctuary (l993)

75.     ‘Richard Jefferies and Sensibility’. Birthday Lecture by Robert Albright, 1993.

 76.     Sussex and Richard Jefferies by Andrew Rossabi, 1995.

77.     Introduction, by Andrew Rossabi to a new edition of Jefferies’ novel Restless Human Hearts (Petton Books, 2008).

78.     “The Land that Richard Jefferies Inherited” Birthday Lecture by Eric L. Jones, 2nd October 2004.

79.     “The Jefferies-Williams Memorial Scheme” by J B Jones.  An account of the trials and tribulations to erect a memorial stone to Jefferies and Williams on Liddington Hill along with text of correspondence.  Plus J B Jones: Champion of Jefferiesa talk given by Phyllis Treitel to the Richard Jefferies Society on 3 November 1997 that refers to the correspondence.

80.     Edward Thomas:  Prose and Poetry a talk given by Richard Stewart to the Richard Jefferies Society’s Study Day on 29 July 2006 that includes the text of poems selected.

81.     “Richard Jefferies and Other Writers” a talk given by Paul Casimir, A.L.A. [a Swindon librarian and poet], to the Richard Jefferies Society on 21 February 1956

82.     “Richard Jefferies” by Keith Wilson, University of Ottawa, written for the Dictionary of Literary Biography:  British Essayists, 1880-1960  Robert Baum edition, Detroit Gale, 1990 pp 192-204.

83      Prophecy and Utopia:  Richard Jefferies and the Transcendalists by Roger Ebbatson.  A paper published in the Spring edition, 2007 of The Glass pp 42-49.

84      Jefferies Farm owners  by Frances Gay.

85      E H Shepard and Bevis   from Shepard’s note books.

86      Richard Jefferies and Coate  by Reginald Arkell.  An article published in Country Life on the 18th of June 1948 (pages 1224-5).

87      Bevis and Arthur Ransome’s Swallowdale by Janice M. Lingley. An article with a map of the New Sea produced for the Arthur Ransome Society and the Richard Jefferies Society.  The article available here was published in the RJS Journal 23, Summer 2012, pp.17-25 but with the added bonus of a full-colour drawing of the map. Copyright: Janice Lingley.

88      The Interpreter: a biography of Richard Jefferies by Audrey Smith.  Written in 1976, this manuscript (60,000 words) was sent to the Richard Jefferies Society in November 2007 by the author’s son not long after her death.  Later published by the RJS.

89      Edward Thomas, Swinburne and Richard Jefferies: “The dead oak tree bough.” Nick Freeman, Loughborough University article for English Literature in Transition, 51-2, 2008 pp164-183.

90      Dialect Words used by Richard Jefferies in 22 of his books compiled by Mark Daniel for a lecture to the Society dated 4th April 2005.

91      Henry Salt:  Chronology  basis of the RJS Annual Birthday Lecture 1991 by John Pontin that indicates key dates between 1851-1939 with reference to individuals that had an influence on Salt and his books.

92      Some Nature Writers and Civilisation by Henry Williamson read on 9 October 1959 (Wedmore Memorial Lecture) and published in Essays by Divers Hands being the transactions of the Royal Society of Literature, OUP 1960.

93      ‘Prophetic Landscapes:  Thomas Hardy and Richard Jefferies - Professor Roger Ebbatson’s chapter that forms part of the Moment of Earth:  Poems & Essays in Honour of Jeremy Hooker, ed. Christopher Meredith (Aberystwyth: Celtic Studies Publications, 2007)

94      Snowed Up:  A Mistletoe Story by Richard Jefferies.  Short story based on the diary of “Edie” who recounts a heavy snowfall in London (possibly related to an event in Dec 1874), published in Literary Theories:  A case study in critical performance” with commentaries by Julian Wolfreys and William Blake (1996).

95      George Miller’s “Discoveries” since the publication of The Bibliographical Study of Richard Jefferies.  The ‘Discoveries’ were published in the Richard Jefferies Society newsletters.

96      Comprehending the Void:  Archaeology and the Transcendental in The Story of my Heart by Rebecca Welshman.  Paper presented at ‘Disrupting Victorian Studies’ conference: the 39th Meeting of the Victorians Institute at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, Oct 3-4, 2008.

97      An introduction to Jefferies’ World’s End by Andrew Rossabi, new edition, Petton Books, October 2008.

98      “Landscape & Machine: Hardy, Jefferies & the question of technology” by Prof. Roger Ebbatson for Writing Technologies, vol. 2.2 (2009) pp.35-54 – online publication at

 99      Introduction to Jefferies’  The Scarlet Shawl by Andrew Rossabi, new edition, Petton Books, August 2009.

100    Machiavelli: A Study by Richard Jefferies, 1877. Published in RJS Journal 2011 pp3-12

101    “The Great Earth Speaking”: Richard Jefferies and the transcendentalists – article by Roger Ebbatson published in Literary Utopias of Cultural Communities (Rodopi, 2010, pp.129-139). 11 pages.

102    Extract from The Bryanston Miscellany, 1958. Contribution of article by Samuel Looker on some Jefferies’ unpublished MSS.

103    “The Homes and Haunts of Richard Jefferies”, 1903. Article by Darby Stafford with photographs of Coate, English Illustrated Magazine, pp431-7.

104    “Sterilisation” – article in the Jamaican The Daily Gleaner 8 Sep 1937 arguing against sterilisation as a means to control “unfit” people – RJ cited as a genius who might have qualified as “unfit”.

105    Swindon and Its History and Antiquities by Richard Jefferies. Talk given to the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society AGM on 16 September 1878. Published in WANH Magazine, March 1874, No XLI, Vol XIV, pages 180-186.

106    Moredon Farm House: Letter by J B Jones sent to Swindon Advertiser May 1947 mentioning that RJ’s grandfather was born here.

107    Electric Eden by Rob Young (London: Faber & Faber, 2010) – Ch 2 that mentions RJ.

108    “Antibodies” by Paul Cadence (complete booklet), 2010 – discusses RJ and others.

109    The Coate Reservoir System with a map and two photographs by J B Jones, Swindon Press Ltd., November 1944 plus press cutting of letter to Swindon Advertiser date 1 August 1944.

110    Exchange of letters between Walter Besant and the Bishop of Salisbury dated May-June 1990 – Swindon Library. (File in RJS Journal 2011).

111    Christine Billing’s address on the opening of the Richard Jefferies Museum – 24 June 1960. Transcript held at Swindon Library.

112    “The Man in the Tumulus” by J B Jones; article in the Herald & Advertiser dated 17 July 1942 debating the possible location of Jefferies’ tumulus.

113    Round About Coate by P. Anderson Graham. Article in The Art Journal, January 1893, pp 16-21, illustrations by Tidmarsh.

114   Field Names in Richard Jefferies' Round About a Great Estate, by Janice Lingley who explores the origin of field names mentioned in the book. June 2018, and revised in March 2019.

115    Richard Jefferies: Field-Naturalist and Litterateur, by Oswald Crawfurd, illustrated by Val Davies, The Idler, October 1898.

116 A New Magazine – Richard Jefferies’ conspectus – an unpublished item written presumably to sell the idea of a new magazine to publishers, circa 1875. Published in RJS Journal 24 (winter 2012).

117  Machiavelli Writes the Future: History& Progress in Richard Jefferies’s After London , by Caroline Sumpter. Published in Nineteenth-Century Contexts, Vol 33, No. 4, September 2011, pp. 315-331.

118  Reminiscences of Swindon and the Jefferies’ family by Fanny Catherine Hall and Florence (Hall) Bott [RJ’s cousins] for their nieces, 1937.

119    Richard Jefferies: the Story of a Quest by Samuel Looker. Staffordshire County Pictorial May-June 1950, Vol II No 8.

120  Audubon Magazine article, 1948
This article was published for an American audience in 1948 who may have been familiar with the work of Thoreau and Burroughs but not aware of the English counterpart - Richard Jefferies.

121 Un Athée: Contribution à la reforme d'une certaine idée de Dieu
(An Atheist: Contribution to the reform of a certain idea of God)  Rough translation of a French publication that discusses Jefferies’ religious beliefs based on The Story of My Heart which is extensively quoted in translation. The booklet reproduces a study presented at the St. Croix Student Conference, September 1904, by Wilfred Monod, and was published by the Association Chrétienne Suisse d'Etudiants.  It is the only known attempt to translate The Story in French. 

122 EdwardThomas’s Sonnet ‘February Afternoon’: The Dreamer and the Dream by Janice Lingley. First published in the Journal of the Friends of the Dymock Poets, No 18, 2019, pp.90-100.

123 John Luckett Jefferies' Artwork. John Luckett was Richard Jefferies' uncle who also died at a very young age from tuberculosis. Some of his paintings and sketches are in a family collection held at the Richard Jefferies Museum. 

124 The Magic of the Fields. Published in Nature in Books by P.A. Graham (Methuen 1891), pp.1-43.

125 Unveiling the plaque at 22 Victoria Street, Swindon. The ceremony (meeting at the Town Hall followed by the unveiling of the plaque on 15 November 1902) was reported in the Swindon Advertiser 21 November 1902 and this includes the full text of the addresses made by the invited guests including that of Lord Avebury, who unveiled the plaque. 

126 Richard Jefferies: Nature Writing Power by Dr Will Abberley.  Lecture presented to the Swindon Festival of Literature, 9 May 2019, Arts Centre, Swindon. The text is reproduced with the kind permission of Dr. Abberley.

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